Right to manage with professional block management services.


2002’s amendments in the UK entitle you to exercise the right to manage if your landlords or current property management company lacks the will to provide you with proper amenities. Similarly, professional block management services are there to fulfil and address your needs with the lifestyle you deserve. Please read on to learn more about them.

Who is checking block management companies?

Although no central government agency is currently responsible for overseeing the block management sector. And leaseholders are protected by self-regulatory organisations.

Responsibilities of block management services

Typically, a landlord, freeholder or an RTM company hires a block management service to oversee the administrative side of the block of properties. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Taking care of insurance procedures and paperwork.
  • They need to ensure that all cleaning activities are on time and flawless.
  • They also need to ensure that all contracts are in place and they spend the money wisely.
  • Also, they need to ensure that maintenance work is regular and complete.
  • They are also responsible for ensuring that all health and safety standards are in place – including fire alarms, fire extinguishers, building structures, and 24 hours emergency services.

What to expect from your block management agent?

When block management services provide you with agents, they must be well aware and deeply understand leases. Furthermore, they must be able to tell you about your rights and responsibilities.

Finally, they must be able to provide you with the paperwork for financial affairs. And naturally, they should help you spend your service charge more appropriately to get the most out of your money.


Block management services like Uniq Block are an excellent choice for RTM holders in London and surrounding areas. Also, they are experienced, driven, and passionate about their professional work. Finally, you can ask for a free custom quote for your block management. Thanks for the Read!

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