How does the right to manage benefit a leaseholder?

Block property management seems tricky, but it is straightforward if you know a few things. Let’s see how leaseholders can benefit from the right to manage while managing a block.

Why exercise the right to manage?

Most of the time, when leaseholders exercise their Right to Manage, it is to wrest control of building management. They take the control away from a poorly performing management company. In this case, block property management can be taken as a reference.

Creating a board for block property management

All leaseholders will have an equal voice in building management. Also, the leaseholders can work together to form a board of directors.

Additionally, this board will then be responsible for establishing an annual budget. And they shall decide which services will be commissioned.

Furthermore, they shall determine the schedule for when and by whom any necessary repairs will be made. And finally, they shall ensure that the service charge is being used efficiently.

The requirement of a managing agent

The board has the authority to appoint the managing agent and works closely with them to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

The board needs an experienced right to manage a company which can provide a qualified agent to run its affairs. The agent will also ensure that everything is following the law and that no loopholes of the law backfiring are being nourished.


Having a set of properties and exercising the right to manage is often a wise decision to improve the quality of life in your block. And if you want to keep doing that, hiring a managing agent like Uniq Block is highly recommended. They will manage your properties efficiently while providing you with an excellent counsel on legal matters. Finally, if you are interested, please request a free quote here. Thanks for the Read!

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