How to change your property managing agent in the UK


Leaseholders seek to change property management companies for several reasons. Often, the primary reasons are service quality and rising expenses owing to weak controls. So, how do you change your managing agent? We will explain this in the coming paragraphs.

Type of Lease Agreement

To change your managing agent, lease type plays a vital role. This is because each type has a different approach to changing the agent.

Typically, there are two main types of lease agreements:

  • Two-Party Lease. [Leaseholder, Freeholder]
  • Three-party Lease. [Leaseholder, Freeholder, Managing agent]

More parties mean more people have their say when you want to change your managing agent.

Process of changing your managing agent

To change your managing agent, you may take one of the following courses of action:

  • Ask your landlord to change the managing agent.
  • Form a Right To Manage company and change it yourself through majority votes.
  • Purchase the property/freehold with the help of other like-minded leaseholders. However, this one is tricky since you may need help to arrange funds and face other laws favouring landlords.

If nothing works, normally, the best course of action is to form an RTM company. RTM or Right To Manage company gives you and other tenants the power to manage the property or blocks. This way, you can do the board of directors may appoint a new managing agent.

How can we help

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