A Guide to Property Maintenance for UK Landlords


As a landlord in the UK, you must keep your property pristine for many reasons. Look at it from any angle; property maintenance always comes first. For instance, from a tenant’s perspective, you wouldn’t want to live in an ill-maintained flat.

So, this property maintenance guide is for UK landlords to keep up with the British tenants’ expectations.

Understanding Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

As a landlord in the UK, you must understand the latest amendment in the previous Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

The latest amendment favours tenants in more than one way. You are responsible for most repairs and maintenance from the contract’s start to end.

Furthermore, you may be responsible for completely redressing the property if certain standards lack completion.

Also, the human habitation or apartment you rent out must meet certain livable standards. They include:

  • Structural integrity.
  • Sanitation.
  • Water supply.
  • Heating and more.

When are landlords not responsible?

Not everything needs to come out of the landlord’s pockets. The following are primarily only the tenants’ responsibilities:

  • General cleaning.
  • Garden upkeep, like cutting the grass and pulling weeds.
  • Taking care of their things.
  • Small repairs, like changing light bulbs.

Furthermore, damage by the renter or their friends is also the tenants’ responsibility.

Hire a reliable professional

Having a reliable network of contractors is essential for every landlord. Regular service providers have the advantage of learning about your home and your standards for it. So, you don’t have to explain everything whenever they come around.

Additionally, using the same service providers ensures continuity and usually results in preferential pricing.

So, it’s best to do business with recommended professionals whose reliability has been established through reviews.

This way, you can avoid worrying about the upkeep of your rental home.

Managing your maintenance costs

This one is perhaps the most vital part of your role as a landlord in the UK. Maintenance costs can quickly pile up, and before you know it, you are losing money. Do the following to save money:

  • Inspect your properties regularly.
  • Always budget for small maintenance activities.
  • Check for water damages, plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Hire regular contractors and ask for discounts.
  • Don’t install mediocre products; they will only work briefly.
  • Similarly, don’t install expensive items; try aiming for mid-range quality items.
  • Don’t compromise on pest control measures; they will cost you a lot of money in case of an infestation.

The role of a property management company

When caring for your rental property, a property manager can be an invaluable ally. They can handle any situation, from normal maintenance to unexpected breakdowns.

Having a professional take care of things can save a lot of stress. Some of such things are:

  • Your property maintenance.
  • Rent collection.
  • Paperwork.
  • Keeping up with laws and regulations.
  • Getting and maintaining gas safety records.
  • Energy performance certificates.
  • Energy performance certificates can save a lot of stress.

Finally, the successful property maintenance is vital to ensure your property’s upkeep. You can call Uniq Block management or ask for a FREE quote here for property management services. Thanks for the Read!

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