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The managing agents you hire for your RTM company take responsibility for all the property services. So, have you acquired the right to manage your block of property? Please keep reading to learn more about property services before hiring a property manager.

Property services by your managing agent

Typically, a property management company will handle all aspects of the business, from tenant screening to maintenance and upkeep. A company’s expertise and experience can significantly improve the property’s management.

The following are examples of the kinds of things they are responsible for:

Management of the services provided

Maintenance and repair requests from tenants are handled by the property management firm. Also, the ability to respond quickly to maintenance emergencies is one of the most essential functions of a property manager.

However, some management companies have dedicated after-hours technologies to deal with these calls.

Insurance processes

It can be exhausting to go through the insurance coverage options for managing a residential building. And even more so to review each policy, read the fine print, and compare quotations.

All of this can be handled by the management business at the request of your RTM body. Thus, guaranteeing continuous protection for the building and timely renewal of insurance coverage.

Support services concerning finance and accounting

If you hire a property management company, they will be in charge of storing all financial records about your rental business. Therefore, this is what you may expect from a property managing agent:

  • Managing all payments.
  • Reports on profits and losses.
  • Management of all monetary statements.
  • Documentations concerning all costs.
  • Much more.

Other property services

Besides the essential duties listed, there are other responsibilities that your management company handles. A few of them are:

  • Maintaining health and safety guidelines.
  • Overseeing fire safety essentials.
  • Scheduling all cleaning and repair activities like gardening, window cleaning, plumbing etc.
  • The property services also include answering and handling all complaints made by residents.

Over to you

So, your property management company takes much of the load off your shoulders. Finally, you may need to choose a suitable company to manage your block of property flawlessly. In Uk, Unique Block Management is the ideal choice for most RTM companies. It is only natural because we have over 10k happy clients and a hefty 15 years of experience. So, before you gain our property services, ask for a free quote here. Thanks for the Read!

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