What is a Right to Manage Company? What you need to know about it!

Did you know when you are not satisfied with the property management of your landlord, you can do it yourself? Yes, the UK’s laws and some recent legislations allow you to do that. To do that, you need to form a Right to Manage company. Let’s dive deeper!

How to Form a Right to Manage Company?

First, you need the approval of all the leaseholders or at least most of them, to form an RTM company. Mostly, residents will do so when the current management by landlords or freeholders is unsatisfactory.

The leaseholders or the appointed personnel will be the directors of this company and will work together to achieve ideal management.

A Right to manage company is formed; now what?

In most cases, the leaseholders or RTM’s directors will hire a third-party company to manage their block of properties. In other cases, they manage it by themselves.

Managing a block of properties is more than just making schedules and appointing cleaning staff. The law, which gave you power over your landlord, has also given them similar rights. You must abide by some rules and regulations to continue your RTM company.

The best way to move forward after an RTM’s formation

The best way to improve the management and lifestyle around your block of flats or properties is not very tricky. All you need to do is hire a property management company and leave the work to them. It will save you money, trouble and a lot of time.

Uniq Block Management can appoint the most experienced and seasoned managing agents to care for your RTM company. Your Right To Manage company will stand tall, and you will enjoy a better block of properties. Thanks for the Read!

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