The Right to Manage


The right to manage is an essential aspect of property ownership, especially for those living in condominiums or apartment complexes. This right allows property owners to take control of the management and maintenance of their buildings, allowing them to make decisions that directly impact their living conditions.

The right to manage block management was established under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 in the United Kingdom. This legislation gives tenants in leasehold properties the right to take over the management of their building from the landlord or managing agent, providing they meet specific criteria and follow the correct procedures.

One of the key benefits of the right to manage block management is that it allows property owners to have more control over the upkeep of their buildings. This can lead to improvements in the maintenance and overall appearance of the property, as owners are more likely to invest time and resources into caring for their homes.

Management of their building

Furthermore, by taking control of the management of their building, property owners can save money on service charges and maintenance fees. This is because they can negotiate contracts with service providers and choose the best deals for the property, potentially reducing costs and improving value for money.

Additionally, the right to manage block management can lead to a more democratic and transparent decision-making process within the building. Property owners can form a management company and elect representatives to make decisions. This can help ensure that all residents’ interests are taken into account when making important decisions about the building.

However, despite the benefits of the right to manage block management, there are also challenges that property owners may face when taking control of their buildings. These challenges can include legal complexities, financial obligations, and disagreements among residents about how the building should be managed.

Block management is a valuable tool.

In conclusion, the right to manage block management is a valuable tool that gives property owners more control over the management and maintenance of their buildings. By exercising this right, property owners can improve the quality of their living environment, save money on service charges, and create a more democratic decision-making process within their buildings. While there may be challenges along the way, the benefits of the right to manage block management make it a worthwhile option for property owners looking to take control of their living situation.

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