Exercising the right to manage? Learn about block management companies


Were you not happy with the management company of your building? And have you exercised your right to manage recently? Or are you thinking of doing so? In any case, it is essential to learn about block management companies. Please keep reading!

What are block management companies?

Block management companies are hired by those who have formed a right to manage company.

All communal aspects, from elevator repair to garden upkeep, are under the purview of the block management companies. It is wise to pick a building management firm that can react quickly in an emergency. Also, reputable outside contractors should only perform any necessary work.

Qualities of good block management companies

  • They need to provide you with a plan of improvements to your block.
  • They need to have an excellent record.
  • They must have reasonable charges.
  • They must be better than your last property management company.
  • They must be well versed with the rules and regulations of the right to manage.

Uniq Block Management LTD

Uniq Blok Management LTD excels at providing its clients with cost-effective and RTM-worthy solutions. Talk to one of our consultants and get a free quote with details unique to your case. Finally, we will appoint a managing agent who knows what, when and where to improve the lifestyle of you, your tenants, and your RTM partners.


The law of the United Kingdom gives you the right to manage your block, which you are already paying for. Also, when you exercise this law, the new management must be better than the last one to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing of your block of properties. Numerous block management companies are offering their services in London and other cities. So, it is best to make sure that you choose the right one to avoid the same problems that led you to form your own RTM company. Thanks for the Read!

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