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A management property company is a body that manages and controls a block of properties on your behalf. Typically in the UK, such companies possess the expertise to exercise your rights to manage on your behalf. So, are you a leaseholder who has an RTM company? Please keep reading to learn how a management property company can benefit you.

Who is a managing agent?

The management property company like Uniq Block Management will act as a managing agent for your RTM company. They will bring you the following advantages:

Site inspections and visits

To make sure the block is still in functioning order and in compliance with regulations, it is essential to conduct regular site assessments. Similarly, a managing agent will take care of that. Lastly, visits are part of the contract with tenants.

Service management by management property company

Managing agents are in charge of everything in the common areas, from the gardens to the elevators to the kitchen appliances.

In addition to providing round-the-clock availability, a good property manager will have developed relationships. The relations with quick, trustworthy, and reliable contractors reduce the likelihood of any significant concerns escalating into emergencies.

Safety and health

The property might face severe consequences if it does not comply with the law.

A property management company for your block of properties take precautions against this by inspecting the premises regularly for damage, asbestos, and other hazards.


The RTM is a fantastic option for enhancing individual agency within a community management context. Although the procedure is formalized and the training is steep, the payoff is substantial if the control of a block is successfully transformed.

Finally, having a seasoned management property company or managing agent like Uniq Block Management is ideal. Because during the RTM procedure, they will provide a smoother transition and better overall safety, security, and operation of the property. Thanks for the Read!

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